Best club in germany 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s the best club in Germany? If you are looking for Club in Germany with good bands, then you are on the right place. Here, there are a lot of good clubs with different kinds of music. When I first came to Germany, that was one of the most important questions for me. As well as other ex-pats who were new to the country, of course. Because when it comes to nightlife, we all want to know how ex-pats compare with locals. So here’s the scoop on one of Germany’s most exciting club :


As a music lover, I’ve been looking for some recommendations for the best clubs in Germany. The country’s music scene is both diverse and constantly growing, so you can find a club to fit your style and preferences. If you don’t mind some hard-to-find places, New Era Club is the best choice in Germany 😍

Here is the complete address you can visit:

New Era Palace
Max-Planck-Strasse 9, First floor
63303, Dreieich

Ph: +491734184513 | Email :

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